Guest Author: Timothy A. Zercher – Founder and President of EasySocial

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Not Your Typical Market

Millennials (I am one, just for the record) can be an elusive group to reach for traditional and experienced marketing professionals. There are several reasons for this; here are a few of the biggest:

  1. Millennials tend to be “ad-blind” (Source).
  2. Millennials DON’T, with any regularity or statistical significance; read newspapers, watch TV on normal TVs, listen to radio, or read magazines.
  3. Millennials have a big cultural difference from the other big powerful generation out there – the baby boomers.

All of this means that basically traditional advertising and traditional advertising channels don’t work well to reach this generation. Here’s the thing, though, this generation is important, very important. It is estimated that by 2020 millennials will make up about a third of the global workforce (source) – making them a market far too large to ignore.


Where Millennials Are:

Simply put, millennials are on social media, almost constantly. One study shows that 90% of all young adults use social media and many other sources indicate that use is regular if not constant (source). Where millennials are specifically, as in what social media they are using today, changes constantly, though. This means that brands have to constantly be monitoring and engaging with multiple medias including those that are not dominating a particular market at the moment.

What Millennials Will Listen To:

Very simply put, millennials, as a group, want genuine and real brands to engage with them. What does this mean? Unfortunately it means a lot of different things. It means being entertaining in your ads so that they watch it and share it with their friends. It means responding to their messages, tweets, comments, tags, check-ins and posts individually and genuinely. It means telling your company’s story and not just talking about the products you want them to buy. It also means genuinely listening to your consumers/customers.

All this can sound overwhelming – it is a lot. Because this can be such a massive undertaking many organizations simply hire a millennial, give them their Facebook account and then assume it is working right. Though I won’t go into marketing strategy development I will say this is NOT the right way to approach social media marketing. Before you hire an individual or a team like the one I run, you first need to set up some guidelines that cover things like: your brand’s personality online, your primary messaging points, your content calendar etc. If you don’t know how to do that we can talk sometime (my info is below).

Here is the bottom line: If you want to reach millennials, you need to go where they are and you need to stop just advertising and start having conversations and curating content for them.

About My Team:

We love working with businesses and nonprofits both as their social media team (yes we are for hire) and as consultants/trainers to their marketing or communication directors. If you have questions for me or want more information about something I mentioned please reach out to me directly via email: or you can schedule a call with a Client Consultant or myself by going to our website: www.EasySocial.Solutions