If “A picture is worth a thousand words”, how much is a video worth? Researchers have consistently confirmed that humans have far greater retention rates for images than for text. Consider that after 3 days the typical person only remembers 10% of something they hear. Add a picture to the mix, and that number jumps to 65%! Any good content marketer will tell you that images are crucial to successfully engage your audience. But (and here’s the catch), images are no longer enough, because everybody else has figured that out as well. This means that for anyone looking to distinguish themselves in the digital sphere, video becomes an essential part of your marketing strategy.
The great news, for those who employ video well, is that the statistics are incredibly promising. Let’s break it down into a few different categories where video can be employed, to see what the impact can be. For those who include videos on their business landing page, bounce rate often improves by 20-35%. Just including the word “video” in email marketing can improve open rates by 19%. In a prime example from one of our own clients, twice monthly featured videos reach around two to three times as many viewers as our regular image based posts do. What could you do with a 200-300% increase?!
You have a few options when it comes to the best way to utilize video content. For a lot of companies, especially those with an active Facebook following already, adding regular video content to your Facebook feed is a great place to start! For a more comprehensive video marketing strategy, considering adding a Youtube channel. Host the videos regularly on Youtube, plus add them to your home page, doubling their impact. Instagram videos have also been an extremely popular option since they were first introduced, with one review showing three times higher levels of engagement with promoted videos, as compared to a regular promoted post.
Once you’re sold on using videos as part of your digital marketing strategy, and you’ve pinned down the platforms you’re going to utilize, all that’s left is to decide what kind of video to use. Best practice for your organization depends largely on what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you often have face to face interactions with happy customers? Ask if they’ll let you feature a snippet of them as a review. Have a new product that you’re ready to launch? Use video to do a big reveal. Trying to convince potential customers of the advantages that your service offers? An animated explainer video can be a great, eye-catching way of selling your brand. Facebook Live videos have a personal feel that helps to bypass your customers’ resistance to being “sold at”.
Of course, video production can often be expensive if you are opting for a more professional look or feel, not only because of the actual equipment/shoot time but also due to production and editing costs. Though it can be expensive and sometimes time-consuming, EasySocial believes it is entirely worth the cost and have found multiple partners to help us execute cost-effective video options for our clients.
A video isn’t just the future of digital marketing, it’s already the present. Investing in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy means reaching your customers where they are, in a form that sticks, and nothing sticks better than the video! If you are looking for some ideas or assistance regarding your organization’s video content feel free to reach out to us and start the conversation – we are always ready to help!

Bio: Julie spent over eleven years in sales and marketing for a family business. In fall of 2016, she transitioned to working with EasySocial, managing clients’ social media accounts. As the customer relationship manager, she helps clients create a strong voice and an effective strategy for their social media efforts. She can be reached at julieb@easysocial.solutions