There are a lot of social media tools out there for many different industries including real estate, dental, healthcare and many more. Almost all of them, excluding the illegal ones, either promise:

  1. To increase your follower engagement by posting great content for you
  2. Or to make social media easy for you by automating one part or another of your social media presence

Let’s look at each of these functions separately and discuss why each is deeply flawed. If the application you are considering does not basically fit into either of these categories please shoot us a message and we can talk about the app you are considering (this kind of consultation is free).


Promise #1: Increase engagement by posting stuff for you.


Disclaimer; I have never found a single app like this that actually posts good content and therefore I am automatically skeptical. But here are the problems I really have with these applications in general.

Reason #1: Generally the applications or subscriptions that just populate your social media with articles/images do so without doing any testing or analyzing of your specific brand’s audience. This leads them to post uninteresting content or incorrectly timed content for your followers to be annoyed by, eventually leading large numbers of your follower to either unfollow you completely or simply become so unengaged that they might as well have unfollowed you.


Reason #2: The other problem with such applications or subscriptions is that they generally post the exact same content for you as a real estate agent or dentist as they have for your competitors. This is a problem for two reasons; first because none of this content is unique to you it will likely not perform well in terms of getting your business in front of people. Second because they are posting the same content as your competitors why would any potential customer follow you instead of your competitor? Would you follow two pages that post the same content over and over?


Promise #2: Make social media easy for you by atomization


Reason #1: Put simply, scheduling posts or making it possible to read all the comments from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn at once will still not make running a professional level social media presence easy. At EasySocial we manage over 71 accounts for clients, but every single account requires hours and hours of time from our team, even with scheduling apps etc.


The unfortunate truth here is this; if you want an effective social media presence you either have to invest in it with money via a team like ours or with tons of your own time in writing posts, replying to message, replying comments, handling tweets etc.

Reason #2: You slowly will lose engagement from your audience as you begin to appear less authentic. This is a pretty simple principle; people don’t use social media to be advertised to, the use social media to engage with people and brands. The more you automate all of your social media presence the more unauthentic your accounts appear and therefore the less engaged you become with your customers. Eventually this kind of activity renders the social media presence useless to your business.



If you can afford to hire a professional, do. You will find that though most PROFESSIONAL social media managers are very expensive there are companies like mine that specialize in working with small to medium sized business and nonprofits and can provide service and results that are light-years ahead of what any single tool can deliver. Unlike most tools, our entire strategy relies on keeping clients because they want to stay, not because they have to.

Reach out to me directly at TimothyZ@EasySocial.Solutions and we can talk about what my team can do for your organization. Or you can look up our team and see some of our current clients and results on our website here: www.EasySocial.Solutions